Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion Update

     So did you hear the new? The color Coral is sooooo in right now!!! So dont forget to pick up some accesories like these that can make your whole look do a 360 and the best thing is that you can embrace this color no matter how big or small you are at anytime in the day.

     Also the next hottest thing is nude frame shades... Yes "Nude" and I don't mean you naked with frames on lmao a pair of nude color sunglasses can take you a long way this summer. My favorite pick is the Angel Imagination Nude Brown Sunglasses they have the over sized look and are not too expensive for the quality.
Angel Imagination Sunglasses - Nude with Brown Gradient Lens

     The whole sailor look seems to be making a very strong comeback this year so go for a shirt with dark stripes like this cute old navy basic striped shirt.

Have Fun and update your wardrobe!!!

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